February 19, 2018

Environmental Consulting Services

FLT has eight years of experience performing environmental reviews for HUD sponsored Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for upgrades to city public utilities and other applicable activities.  Some of these include:

  • City of Troy
  • City of Carmine
  • City of Rogers
  • City of Cottonwood Shores
  • City of Covington
  • City of Llano
  • City of Valley Mills
  • City of Walnut Springs
  • City of Gustine
  • City of Evant
  • City of Copperas cove
  • City of Tolar
  • City of Johnson City
  • City of Cresson
  • City of Iredell

The 2008 hurricane season was the most destructive weather season Texans have ever seen and marked the first time in Texas history that all Texas coastal counties were presidentially declared disaster areas at the same time. Within a 52-day period, Texas was slammed by a major tropical storm and three hurricanes, the worst of which were Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Dolly.

As an environmental service provider (ESP) selected and ultimately recognized by the Texas Department of Rural Affairs to perform environmental reviews, FLT has worked with 14 responsible entities (RE as defined by HUD) to environmentally clear over 100 projects within a one-year timeframe. Future Link Technologies, Inc. brings a team of professionals prepared to provide professional environmental examinations for standard environmental reviews as well as additional environmental services as necessary. Some of the coastal area responsible entities include:

  • Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas
  • City of Bayou Vista
  • Brazoria County
  • City of Broaddus
  • City of Bridge City
  • City of Galveston
  • City of Longview
  • City of Hudson
  • Jefferson County
  • City of LaFeria
  • City of Mercedes
  • Washington County
  • Wickson Creek SUD
  • Willacy County

Projects range from generator purchase and installations to major drainage improvements to roads and bridge improvements. Other projects include renovation of large infrastructure utilities for water and wastewater plants and operations like improvements to water distribution systems and wastewater plant reconstruction.

Other NEPA review and environmental experience includes projects associated with:

  • Texas Water Development Board low interest loans
  • US Department of Education and Texas Education Agency
  • Texas Department of Transportation

Overall Future Link Technologies, Inc. provides professional experience based upon the following fundamental foundations:

  • Significant amount of experience with local government environmental reviews that apply to HUD under NEPA and other provisions of law as specified in 24 CFR Part 58. This includes reviews for CDBG Grants and other HUD sponsored activities like evaluating communities for establishing Entitlement programs that easily benefit from CDBG and other similar source funding.
  • In-house software and hardware solutions that include equipment, services, training and support.  Our focused technologies incorporate automation into our processes wherever possible. Technologies we use include project management software, the latest desktop applications for presentation and routine operations, GIS, databases for tracking, data quality (QA/QC) tools, and data management.  A significant technology solution offered by our services includes the use of a proprietary tool referred to as the Environmental Data Screener (EDS). This tool will help to expedite environmental assessments including desktop data research cutting staff time by 75%.
  • Team of professionals that provide a foundation of unsurpassed environmental experience in specialized fields like hydrology; civil and environmental engineering; urban planning; chemistry; groundwater and surface water management; quality control and data management; strategic planning; federal, state and local politics; and statutory and regulatory impact. Together, our members represent over 50 years of experience managing and participating in public and private environmental projects in Texas.